Nestled in the Appalachian Mountain range in WV, Snowshoe is one of the most beautiful, fun places. Primarily known for its ski slopes, it draws in thousands every winter. However, a summer getaway to Snowshoe is extremely underrated. It’s way less crowded, and the weather is very mild. They offer a wide range of activities for those who are more adventurous + those who prefer to just relax.

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We got married at Snowshoe in 2017, so we’ve made several trips there during the summer months. It’s quickly become our favorite + isn’t that far from our home. The resort is also considered a weekend destination for Richmond and D.C. areas.

The weekday hours are limited during the summer, so keep that in mind when planning your trip. Also, cell service is pretty much nonexistent (because it’s in the backyard of the Greenbank Observatory), so grab a book and prepare to unplug your mind for a few days. It might be just what you needed.

Here are some of my top recommendations for your summer getaway to the mountains:

W H E R E   T O   S T A Y
  1. Allegheny Springs – This large u-shaped hotel boasts gorgeous balcony views. It’s located right in the middle of the village and right next door to Starbucks + the main lift that goes down to the lake. They also have their own pool if you just want to relax.
  2. Corduroy Inn – This boutique hotel is straight out of an episode of Fixer Upper + unlike anything on the mountain. All the heart eyes. It’s a short walk to the main Village area and situated right next door to #2 on my Where to Eat list below.
  3. Soaring Eagle Lodge – This is one of the pricier spots on this list, but it is so worth it. The rooms are huge, and the views are amazing. As a guest, you have access to the Hearth Room and several hot tubs on the property. From here, you can either walk on a trail or shuttle (for free) to the village. If you’re visiting with a group, definitely check out Soaring Eagle’s 2 or 3 bedroom rooms.

Note: There are lots of private rentals on the mountain, but if you book directly through Snowshoe Mountain Resort, you get free access to the lifts, pools, lakes, and other activities. I priced it out for our recent trip, and if you plan on doing these activities, it’s more cost effective to go this route rather than book through Air BnB or VRBO. That could change, but in my experience, I definitely recommend booking directly through the resort.


W H E R E   T O   E A T
  1. Foxfire Grille – Anyone who’s visited Snowshoe knows + loves Foxfire… and with good reason. The food is great, and there’s a wide variety from sashimi to chicken wings to quality steaks. The drinks are delicious, and it’s a great place to mingle. My favorites are crab mac n’ cheese for dinner + a warm coffee concoction for the chilly evenings.
  2. Appalachia Kitchen + Tuque’s Bar – I can’t say enough great things about this new spot. In terms of food + atmosphere, this might just be my favorite. The menu consists of local WV farm-to-table. I had salmon with ramp (a traditional WV ingredient, similar to a very strong onion) pesto; I was nervous about the pesto, but it was delicious. My husband had locally grown sirloin and loved it. We had our rehearsal dinner at the restaurant that used to be in this location, and when I turned the corner into the dining area, I was floored. It is a MUST for your next trip.
  3. The Junction – A great breakfast spot to start your day. They’re also open for lunch and dinner, but I can’t speak to the menus for those times.
  4. Cheat Mountain Pizza – This is such a great lunch spot after a day at the lake. They have deluxe style pizzas with predetermined toppings, or you can build your own. We went the more traditional route and got pepperoni + sausage with side salads. It was very good!
  5. Raven Grille – I’ve always wanted to try this one and definitely will on our next trip. Located in the clubhouse for the golf course, the atmosphere is promising.


W H A T   T O   D O
  1. Lake – One of my favorite parts of Snowshoe in the summer is the lake. There’s a small beach area with umbrellas and chairs. Tip: If you don’t see any open, ask the lifeguard if they have more because in my experience they do, AND they’ll set it all up for you.
    • Sun bathe
    • Paddleboard or kayak solo or with a group. We double kayak (for half the effort paddling, let’s be real). While out there, we saw a family of 6 on 1 large paddleboard. It looked so fun!
    • For kids, there’s a designated area with huge inflatables on the water
  2. Escape Room – Ride out on your own RZR to a cabin located deep in the woods where you’ll embark on an escape room style challenge (in the loft of the cabin). Full of riddles and tasks, I won’t lie – this was challenging for just 2 of us. After the allotted hour for the escape room, enjoy a home-cooked meal in the downstairs part of the cabin. 3 hours total is estimated, but it took us about 2. I highly recommend trying this because you get the RZR experience plus a fun escape room at an area most guests to Snowshoe never get to see.
  3. Shopping – There are several quaint shops in the village. WV Market is one of my personal favorites. They sell locally handcrafted items such as jams + butters, ornaments, jewelry, etc. I’ve also seen them have local artisans on site creating custom pieces for you to shop.
  4. Golf – I’ve heard and read great things about this course. Although my husband’s never golfed here, some of our friends have, and they enjoyed it. It would be a great guys’ day activity if going with a small group of friends.
  5. Hiking – There are many trails for beginners to more experienced hikers – some with incredible views. Grab a pair of old sneakers + hit the trails for a chance to unwind and get in those steps.

92b23a62-15d3-426b-8da3-3aeede5a59ffSnowshoe also has have some weekend festivals and events planned during the summer that you should definitely check out in addition to this list.

Have you ever traveled within your home state? I want to hear your favorite weekend getaways in the comments!