As a creative small business owner + lover of social media, quite often I see others creating very similar items – a lot of times, too similar. So in true passive aggressive form, I’m dedicating a post to this frustration that I feel, and hopefully, others can relate. At the end of the day, if this touches one person + inspires them to own their talent, then I’m thankful.

There’s a fine line between inspiration and straight up copying.

I totally get it. You may not be confident in creating something on your own, so you take to Instagram or Pinterest + try to replicate what you see. I’m a huge proponent of adding your own style or twist to something, but generally, if you’re creating for personal use or just for fun, it’s totally fine. Props if you tag the original creator/source in your post.

However, the bigger issue is when you see something that inspires you, and you attempt to recreate it for your own benefit (i.e. resale, credit, etc.). That idea, that design, that style of doing something belongs to someone else. From an artist’s perspective, that hand lettered design I create comes from hundreds of drafts thrown in the trash, late night lightbulb moments, and hours of work tweaking it to perfection.

Not only is crossing the line and copying someone else’s work not cool, there could also be legal ramifications for infringing upon someone else’s work.

It’s fine to be inspired. It’s fine to admire someone else for what they do. God created each of us as individuals with our own unique talents, quirks, and style. Please do not do Him or yourself a disservice by trying to replicate someone else.

I try to lift others up whenever possible and take deep breaths when I see someone copy my work. It is not easy. It actually really sucks. Others recommend taking it as a compliment that you’ve made it. I’ve tried viewing it from that perspective, but I just can’t. I feel like I’m still trying to navigate this whole thing. Aren’t we all? So when it happens to me, it hurts like hell. Like sends me into a dark sadness that only ice cream and a lot of time can bring me out of.

What I am grateful for is the push it gives me to continue to create new things. I’m also so blessed by our customer base who notifies me of the imposters + encourages us to continue doing what we do. If you can relate to this post, hang on to those things.

Thank you for being uniquely you. The world needs it.