We recently announced a change to how we’re operating Home Brewed + Company, my calligraphy side-business that has been our baby for the past 3 years. I hope to answer all of your questions in this post to help with the transition.

W H A T  I S  C H A N G I N G ?
  • How our hand lettered apparel is made + gets to you. It’s all on the back end. If we didn’t tell you, you probably would never even realize a difference from the outside looking in. We’re giving up some of our control to a reputable, small company who specializes in order production. When you place an order, we send it over to them to fulfill. If you have any issues with your order, you still reach out directly to us via our Contact page.
  • We can make more products. When we were fulfilling orders in bulk quantities to keep costs down, we had to carefully estimate what would sell and what wouldn’t. This will allow us to take more design risks and test out new products without the possibility of being stuck with tons of inventory.
  • We’ll be able to offer designs in more product styles + colors – one of the biggest requests we’ve received over the years!
  • Quality is getting an upgrade! We can now offer the direct to garment printing method for our apparel instead of traditional screen printing. We love this because it allows for a softer design + long lifespan.
  • We won’t sell out as quickly. This is another complaint we’ve heard over the years. Customers have set alarms in an attempt to snag an item but sometimes could never get it. We hated not being able to help before, but now, that struggle is much less real.
  • Standard processing + shipping for all orders. Unfortunately, we can no longer offer Morgantown meet ups to our local customers or the rush processing option. We do plan to offer a few free shipping promotions from time to time though, so be on the look out!
W H A T  I S N ‘ T  C H A N G I N G ?
  • Our products will still all be hand lettered and 100% designed by yours truly.
  • We still handle all customer service questions + concerns.
  • We still plan to partner with other artisans + small business owners on specific products.
  • As we get a better feel for this process, we plan to still do select pop-up shops throughout the year.
W H Y  C H A N G E ?
  • We needed to find a better balance. My husband and I have full-time jobs outside of Home Brewed + Co., and both careers have grown a lot in 3 years (for instance, 3 years ago, I was still in grad school and didn’t have a career). I’m sure you can relate to the feeling of getting home at the end of a long work day and wanting to just relax on the couch before making dinner, doing laundry, and getting things ready for the next day. Working on new designs + the business aspects of entrepreneurship were often times the last thing we wanted to do. This gives us some of our precious time back while still being able to operate a business.
  • Our house was no longer a home. When we moved in, we made a room of our house our Home Brewed + Co. office. As we grew and offered more product, other parts of our home became dedicated to storing inventory – first the guest bedroom, then the dining room, then the living room. I felt consumed. Having guests over? Forget that. This allows us to keep less inventory in our house, so it can get back to feeling like a home.
  • It just all became too much. I was burnt out. If we’re being honest, I wanted to quit for good. After a planned summer break, I thought I’d miss it + be dying to get back at it. However, that wasn’t the case. It was Kaison who brought me back + reminded me how much you love my work. He kept pushing us to find another way and overcome our frustrations so that we could focus more on the parts of this we love.

More information can always be found on our FAQ + Policies page too.

You’ve stuck with us through so many changes over the years as we grew from a one woman show in a townhouse garage to a husband + wife duo traveling the tri-state area. We appreciate your continued support! Thank you for letting us live out this dream.